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Now Offering Summer Tutoring!

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Ask your kids if they know me! I am a supply teacher in the DSBN and I go by Coach Zav. If your child is in public school in Grimsby, chances are I've taught them! I also coach gymnastics and ice skating for the Town of Grimsby.

Why Me?

Hi Everyone! I am currently supply teaching in the DSBN, but I have 10 years experience teaching in Peel. My greatest strength has always been connecting with students and figuring out ways to engage and motivate them. I love those 'aha' moments when our kids realize they understand something that they used to find confusing. 

I have my Montessori diploma, my teaching degree and OCT certificate, as well as additional qualifications in Math, Reading, Special Education, English as a Second Language, and others. Feel free to contact me for more information.

The Classes

I am offering Math and Reading Boosters in July and August for kids ages 4-12 . These are eight week programs designed to develop strong foundational skills in either reading or math so your child feels confident entering the next grade. If they are currently struggling, they may have given up or decided they just aren't good at the subject. My biggest job will be to completely turn that thinking around and help them realize that they are smart, capable, awesome students!

The Cost

To make the program more accessible, I'm offering semi-private (2 students) and small group (3-4 students) options, in addition to private lessons. Please note that I can only offer reduced prices for larger classes if there are multiple students at around the same level. You are welcome to arrange the groups yourselves (classmates, siblings, etc.) or email me and I will do my best to help you find a group. 

Private - $30/session ($240 for the summer)

Semi-Private - $16/session ($128 for the summer)

Small Group - $12/session ($96 for the summer)

Classes are 50 minutes with 5 additional minutes to debrief with caregivers.

Classes will take place Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoons and evenings.

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