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New Upcoming Classes (May)

There are free trial spots available in the new classes. 

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Phonics Fun
Sundays at 4:00

This class is designed for children who are ready to learn their letter sounds and/or practise putting them together to make words. The suggested age is 3-5 but if your child is showing signs of readiness at any other age, they are welcome. All children must be accompanied by an adult. We will all learn together through music, games, and movement!

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Family Math Night
Sundays at 4:30

Families with children of any age are welcome to engage together in games and activities designed to develop number sense and build foundational mathematics skills. As I get to know the math strengths and needs of your family members, I can suggest games and groupings that might work best. The main goal of this program is to help children enjoy math and build confidence in their abilities.

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